An open letter to loving Christians everywhere


An open letter to loving Christians* who, in my lifetime, have told me that –

I’m perverted, diseased, sick, sickening, immoral, deviant, degraded, dissolute, toxic, satanic, dangerous, unhinged, unnecessary, intolerant, hateful, harmful, worthless and weird;

I want to destroy Christianity, society, the family, marriage and lives;

I’m indistinguishable from a paedophile or someone who practises bestiality, a sinner, an animal, a ‘sodomite’, a predator, an abomination and a ‘fag’ deserving only of death;

 I’m in rebellion against God and need to be cured;

I’m responsible for hurricanes, tsunamis and other extreme weather conditions and am capable of bringing God’s wrath and judgement to the Earth;

I’m conclusive proof that these are the Last Days.


I’m none of these things.





* Pat Robertson, Steven Anderson, Franklin Graham, Linda Harvey, Tony Perkins, Stephen Green, Scott Lively, Albert Mohler, John Piper, Ken Ham, Westboro Baptist church, Focus on the Family… aah, f**k it, you know who they are.

15 thoughts on “An open letter to loving Christians everywhere

  1. It’s sad, Neil, that this is what Christians are teaching and believing. It’s disgusting and unbelievably hurtful. I am ashamed to have ever been part of that club who spread such filth. On behalf of all of the people who, in the name of Jesus, spread hate and hurt, I apologise. I don’t believe this now and didn’t when I was a believer, but these ideas we’re being spread as “God’s word” and I did hear it constantly or read about it in Christian publications when I was a member.

    I think Christians need to look in the mirror if they want to see the real problem facing the world.

    Take care Neil.

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    • Thanks, Ben. In some ways you get used to being blamed for every problem and social issue under the sun, but I’ve become more than a little pissed by the slander and constant denigration of LGBT people indulged in by so many of God’s people.

      I do appreciate the apology but you’re one of the good guys, Ben. During my many years as a believer, I too was taken in by the Christian lie of ‘hate the sin but love the sinner’ – and it is a lie (as well as being unscriptural) because for so many churches it’s merely hate all round. As a believer with hidden same-sex attraction, I internalised all that hate. While I never asked to be gay and fought against it for most of my life, I am so glad that battle is now over.

      I’ve a feeling I’ll be writing more about his soon!

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  2. Hello Neil. Not so really loving are they. The hurt their words and actions have caused and continue to cause are just part of the harm committed. I think of the many kids kicked out of their homes by religious parents who have been taught that this is what their deity would want them to do to a child. I think of the many who couldn’t face the pain of rejection anymore and committed suicide. Be well. Slowly it is getting better. Hugs

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    • Agreed, Scottie. I’ve recently become a trustee of a charity that helps young people who are struggling with their sexuality and the problems others inflict on them because of it. While things have probably improved since our younger days, it’s incredibly sad that in this day age it can still be traumatic for so many.

      Take care.

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  3. Looking back, the lies we fell for weren’t even good lies. They aren’t believable, yet we still believed. I was taught the lies about gay people being sinful and how they would somehow corrupt people by making them think it was acceptable behavior. We were taught in the church that being gay was a choice, albeit a subconscious one made under the influence of sin. It is still hard to believe I once belonged to a hate group. I never thought of it as such until I left, but now it is quite clear.

    Looking forward to reading more from you in the future.


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