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Hi. I’m Neil Robinson, an ex-university lecturer and teacher from the UK. Saved from Christianity a few years ago, I began to investigate just what it was I’d believed. ‘Following Jesus’ took thirty years of my life and it was all a fraud. 

With over 2 billion adherents worldwide, Christianity is still the most popular and insidious belief system in the world. But it makes truth claims and promises it cannot meet – and never has – and offers a perspective of reality based on fantasy figures and scenarios for which no evidence exists. It contradicts almost everything science tells us about reality and asks its adherents to accept its propositions on ‘faith’, without question or the exercise of critical faculties. It expects them too to spread the virus whenever and wherever they can.

Like other ex-Christians, I know from the inside what Christians believe, having bought into its false promises, failed prophecies and impossible morality. And impossible morality it is, which is why most Christians practise it as if it were a form of homeopathy; in miniscule amounts and only to their own taste.

Yet, we’re all expected to respect this faith, as if believing some of the daftest things imaginable is something that deserves to be tiptoed round; as if a virus of epidemic proportions merits ‘respect’ rather than treatment.

Well, you’ll find no respect in these posts, I’m pleased to say. There might instead be some treatment, some therapy perhaps, that can help deliver minds from contagion. I’d like to think so; my hope is that each post serves in some small way as an antidote to the virus that holds millions in its delusional thrall.

‘Rejecting Jesus’ can only do you good!


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  1. Neil,
    At what point did you decide to dedicate your life to “rejecting Jesus” by questioning those that do? I read a few of your articles and noticed that you’re asking Christians defend the parts of the Bible that you don’t understand. For example, in your use of Matthew 5:38-48, you only summarized verses 39-48 so you could use alliteration further your real agenda. In verse 38, where Jesus says, “You have heard that it was said, ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.” I’m only going to write it out for you here for those that don’t understand your manipulation of it: Jesus was telling his disciples that, the law of the land did not align with following Christ. In 39-42, he’s telling them that retaliation is not okay. His instructions continue. You skipped 43, addressing another old law. 44-48 Jesus instructs them to “love your enemies.” And finally, 49 refers to 45-48, “that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. 46 If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? 47 And if you greet only your own people, what are you doing more than others? Do not even the Gentiles do the same?” 49 Jesus tells them to be perfect, because the deciples knew he was perfect, and they needed to act as he did by following the instructions he just gave them.

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    • Cindy, to answer your points as far as I can make them out:

      You ask: ‘At what point did you decide to dedicate your life to “rejecting Jesus” by questioning those that do?’ This doesn’t quite make sense; those that do what? The answer to the first part of the question, however, is covered in the ‘about the author’ section – essentially when Christians wouldn’t leave me alone but seemed to think they were entitled to bombard me with inanities.

      You again: ‘you’re asking Christians (to) defend the parts of the Bible that you don’t understand.’ Thank you for your condescension here, but I do understand the bits of the Bible I cite – rather better than you if I may say so. I challenge Christians to show the extent they live according to Jesus’ demands when almost all of the evidence points to the fact they are unable to do so.

      ‘For example, in your use of Matthew 5:38-48, you only summarized verses 39-48 so you could use alliteration further your real agenda.’ 1) References must of necessity be limited; I’d say summarising nine verses is more than adequate. (Is this the old and feeble ‘you quoted out of context’ objection in a different guise?) b) your point about alliteration makes no sense and 3) I have a ‘real’ agenda? Please tell me what it is. I thought I made my agenda clear (you’ve already referred to it) but evidently you know better – well done.

      ‘Jesus tells (his followers) to be perfect, because the deciples (sic) knew he was perfect, and they needed to act as he did by following the instructions he just gave them.’ I’d guess this was my point (it usually is) though you don’t reference which post you’re addressing so I can’t be entirely sure. So, Cindy – are you perfect as he says you must be? If not, why not? It may come as a surprise to you that quoting Bible verses in garbled comments on blogs doesn’t really qualify.

      Whatever would Jesus think?

      Better luck next time.

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  2. Hi Neil,

    Interesting blog.

    I am curious, what denomination were you part of?

    Is there a post where you share your story?

    I find a lot of blogs are from ex christians in America but I feel the situation is different here in the UK so find it helpful to read the perspective of fellow Brits!

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  3. Apologies, JR, for not responding sooner (for some reason WordPress didn’t inform me of a whole block of comments that arrived late last year).

    I belonged to a number of evangelical CofE churches, depending on where I found myself living. Even when there wasn’t one in the area I’d find an evangelical church of another denomination; a free church when I lived briefly in America (nice people but really way out) and a Methodist church prior to jettisoning my beliefs. How about you?

    Faith isn’t as in your face in the UK as it is in America, thankfully, but it still has a significant influence. Of course the internet allows one to reach all corners of the world and I’m pleased to have some (very!) small input into the States.

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    • Can you really debate with pains in the butt? They’re yet another bunch of Christians who want to argue the finer points of their belief-system without any evidence they live according to its commands. I’ve no time for such people; Jesus’ mission, failure though it was, was not to set up debating societies for smart-arses. Nonetheless, I’ve bookmarked the site.

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  4. All due respect, sir, I know many people who live according to the commands of Jesus, and see many people’s lives enriched and lifted as a result. I also am a follower of Jesus, and my life and work demonstrate that.
    Now, I’m not an advocate for sloppy belief, but i am secure enough in my conversion story and life transformation to be content with not knowing some things until i eventually do. I don’t have the anxiety of needing to know it all up-front or perform it all perfectly from the start in order to retain my faith; though I have met people who have had this rigid approach to faith, they were somehow quite willing to warmly welcomed unbelief whenever it invariably found them.
    (by the way, I found your site while researching Lot for one of my Bible teaching series)

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    • Hi. I’m glad you know lots of people who live according to Jesus’ commands, selling all they have to help the poor, giving to all who ask, loving their enemies with sacrificial love, etc etc. That’s great. Unfortunately, I don’t know any and didn’t do such things myself when I was a Christian.

      As for conversion stories and transformations, these are lovely emotional experiences that happen for all sorts of reasons (as I consider here: These I have experienced.

      The bottom line is this: ‘Is Christianity true?’ and ‘Is there evidence that God, Christ, angels and heaven exist independent of the human imagination and the emotions?’ You’re more than welcome to provide any such evidence here, though if you do you’ll be the first who’s been able to.

      Glad to be of assistance with your study of Lot.

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