Stephen Green is Gay


Stephen always got his inspiration from the Lord…

Stephen Green of Christian Voice is unhappy. Gay Marriage, he insists, is a Very Bad Thing.

Green has had a lot to say about gay relationships and gay sex over the last few years. In fact, he’s obsessed with the subject. His latest ejaculation, called ‘Gay Marriage is a Farce’, helpfully informs us:

‘Gay’ relationships (are) built on perversion.

Homosexual desires are described as vile affections in the Bible.

‘Gay marriage’ is a massive step towards the social economy of Sodom.

We don’t say homosexuals are perverts because of what they are, but because of what they do.

Homosexual activity… is either dirty or abusive or both.

Homosexuals, frustrated by their inability to engage in true sexual intercourse, have to resort to activities which are abusive or dirty.

Homosexual acts fall a long way short of the God-ordained conjugal act.

Personally, I now use the word gay mostly in its modern sense of substandard (as in, ‘that coat’s gay’).

Never self-identify as ‘gay’. Never let someone else identify you as ‘gay’.

Green is himself ‘gay’. In the ‘modern sense’, of course. He preaches that marriage is between one man and one woman for life, yet is divorced and now with his second wife-for-life. He trashes charities that help young LGBT people and makes unwarranted personal attacks on gay celebrities, recently suggesting that Stephen Fry has a ‘porcine ancestor… not that we do evolution here’ and adding derisory inverted commas around the ‘Sir’ in Ian McKellen’s name. How big and clever is that?

Even though Jesus has more to say about poverty and homelessness than homosexuality (about which he says precisely nothing), Green never mentions them. He consistently avoids talking about his saviour’s commands to turn the other cheek, go the extra mile and avoid judging others. These, it would seem, don’t matter.

While he occasionally rants about evolution and complains Christians are persecuted, it is to homosexuality he constantly returns. Always with inverted commas around ‘gay’, to ward off the voodoo.

But Green is insecure in his beliefs and faith; he rarely publishes comments that dissent from his ‘biblical’ position and when he does, responds to those who make them with an uncharitable smugness that borders on abuse. There is no sense of any Christian charity in either his comments or on his site as a whole.

Worst of all, he washes his hands, Pontius Pilate like, of the harm his negative, destructive comments cause LGBT people. The real bullies, he says, are not Christians with poisonous views like his but rather:

homosexual activists who persuade young boys and girls that adolescent same-sex attraction indicates a permanent ‘orientation’ and who go around talking homosexuality up and giving bullies a weapon to use against shy boys and tomboyish girls. People like ‘Sir’ Ian McKellen, Elly Barnes, Jake Dyos and the rest of the low-life at ‘School’s Out’.

So now you know. Stephen Green, who calls ‘gay’ people perverts with ‘vile affections’, whose relationships and love-making are, he says, founded on dirt, disease and abuse, is in no way a bully whose views contribute to any ill-feeling towards gay people.

No, the vilification to be found on Christian Voice is actually Christian love™. The gospel according to Stephen Green: it’s so substandard.

1 thought on “Stephen Green is Gay

  1. After the doctrine of the trinity and eternal torture,homosexuality was one of the first issues that I dared to disagree with Christianity/bible about.As an evangelical Christian I too condemned them all to hell while claiming to love them as well.
    I have several members of my family who are gay,some of them professing Christians,one very devout, and one who was a Christian for many years before he died of aids,though he did repent of homosexuality,he always loved and thought daily about his long time partner who died many years before he did.
    I have also known many outside my family,some of whom are kind and caring and others rude,mean,dishonest and selfish just like anybody else.
    As an evangelical I had it hammered in my head that homosexuality is a choice and people can repent of it and receive God’s help to change.I wouldn’t allow myself to give it much more thought.
    But I worked with a woman for several years who had a much thicker beard than myself.She shaved daily but had a thick shadow everyday.I knew she was a lesbian but we got along,could laugh and have small talk.I liked her and never preached at her or talked religion.I don’t know if she ever knew I was a Christian or not.
    But one day it dawned on me that she was born with way too many male hormones and that was not her fault.If God actually makes people then God made her this way.That opened my mind to my family members who are gay and some of whom are Christians.They don’t think homosexuality is a sin and that God accepts them how they are.They have basically the same ideas and feelings about God as me apart from homosexuality.By this time I no longer believed in hell/eternal torment but that the unsaved just died as in gone-the wages of sin is death;what is theologically called conditional immortality.
    But after pondering on these things I had what seemed a heartfelt revelation that “God” isn’t necessarily against these people for how they are and I can love them freely with no feelings of condemnation or being better than them.It was like a religious experience and I had a feeling of joy,like chains were breaking off my mind.I realized too that I was going against some verses in the bible which I didn’t feel I was in anyway until then.Of course the thought came to me that it was the devil giving me this “rebellious” feeling,but I easily dismissed it because it just felt too right.It was a big step on my road to deconversion.


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