The only True Christians


Pete Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend, Indiana and Democratic hopeful, isn’t a Christian. No, he isn’t, because, you see, despite saying he is, despite being committed to Jesus and regarding himself as saved in some way, he can’t be a Christian™. Why not? Because he’s gay. That precludes him from being a Christian of any sort. We all know how much God hates gays and their ‘lifestyle’, don’t we. It says so right here in this article from Charisma News, reposted on Bruce Gerencser’s blog.

Catholics are not Christians either. Nor are Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses. Yes, they say they are, but True Christians™ know better. Catholics, Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses are not True Christians because they’ve added to the simplicity of biblical faith: popes and saints and alternate holy books. Only those who believe exclusively in the original holy book are True Christians.

Except those who don’t interpret it properly. Charismatics, for example, are not true Christians. Yes, they profess Jesus with their hearts and voices, but the age of special spiritual gifts, like speaking in tongues and prophesying, has ceased. Christians with the wisdom to reject such things are clear about this. (I’ve no idea where this leaves Charisma News. Maybe it’s heretical too.)

Preachers like Beth Moore, Paula White and Joyce Meyer are not Christians. They’re not doctrinally sound. They’re false teachers, wolves in sheep’s clothing misleading the flock. I know this because respected Christian leaders say so (here and here and here.) In any case, they’re women, and women shouldn’t teach or be in a position of authority over men (1 Timothy 2:12.) That alone rules them out from being True Christians.

Moderates aren’t True Christians either. They’re too… well, moderate. They’re bland and compromising. Christ calls for Christians to be bold and zealous in spreading the gospel. Moderates though are neither hot nor cold, so he spews them out of his mouth (Revelation 3.16).

At the same time, extreme Christians aren’t True Christians. Westboro Baptist Church, for example, is just an embarrassment to real True Christians. So are Steven Anderson and other fanatical preachers. They might be getting their hatred and prejudices from the bible, and what they say may be what True Christians believe in their hearts, but, really, such people need to be kept at arm’s length. Even though they profess faith in Jesus, their fanaticism prevents them from being considered True Christians.

No, the only True Christians are the ones who agree with me. I know it sounds stark when put like that, but it’s the truth. Only those who have the same beliefs as me, who interpret the bible the same way I do and have arrived at the same doctrinal position as me are True Christians. There aren’t many of us, it’s true, but isn’t that what the bible says? That in the last days only a remnant will survive as the true church, being faithful to the Words of the Savior while others succumb to apostasy? Yes, it does, in Romans 11.2-5, and I and my church are that remnant.

Not that lot over there who say they are. They’re not true Christians at all, despite the fact they claim to believe in Jesus. They’re apostates who delude themselves and others.


3 thoughts on “The only True Christians

  1. They’re not True Christians™ until it comes to claiming that America is a “Christian Nation”. Then they are happy to count all of those apostates as christian to be able to claim a majority, and so claim that they should be in charge of everybody else. Evan though the population share of those fundigelicals is only about 25%, they are happy to claim all the others when it suits their needs for their power-grabbing.


    • Absolutely. ‘Whoever is not against us is for us’, as Jesus supposedly said (or ‘whoever is not for us is against us’, which he also said, but which means the complete opposite.) So many of them are hypocritical. When they’re not claiming allegiance with apostate brothers and sisters for political reasons, they’re slagging each other off. They do this as much as they rant, in love, about we fallen sinners.


  2. Is the United States, as decadent as it is, really AS BAD as Sodom and Gomorrah? I’ve never heard of an instance where a mob of raging gays tried to break into a stranger’s house just to have sex with that stranger’s guests.

    Also, it’s worth noting that there are multiple types of Biblical marriages

    1. 1 man and 1 woman- unrelated man and woman (Adam and Eve)
    2. a man and his sister (Abraham and Sarah)
    3. A man and his sister-in-law (wife’s sister) (Jacob and Leah)
    4. A man and his niece (Nahor and Milcah)
    5. A man and his female cousin (Isaac and Rebekah)
    6. A man and his wife’s maidservant (Abraham and Haggai)
    7. A man and his wife’s sister’s maidservant (Jacob and Bilhah)
    8. A man and his aunt (father’s sister) (Moses’s father Amram married his aunt)
    9. A man and 700 wives (Solomon)
    10. A man and 300 concubines (Solomon again)

    But a man and a man is unacceptable and brings the wrath of God.

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