“Christian” Scare Quotes: A Response


Christian bloggers like their quotation marks – ‘scare quotes’ as they’re often known. The Righteous wear away the computer keys with them on when ranting writing about same-sex “marriage” in particular. This kind of marriage always receives them, even though marriage is marriage whether same-sex or not. Those who like to use and over-use them, however, intend to show that same-sex marriage isn’t marriage at all but a devilish, unbiblical substitute for the real thing.

The Christian Research Network (a misnomer if ever there was one: the site only ever features two contributors, involves no research and is distinctly unChristian) regularly adds speech marks to other terms and titles. The Pope, for example, becomes “Pope Francis”, and the fact Francis is not his real name is constantly highlighted. This is intended to show, presumably, that he lacks authenticity. The irony is that the figure whom Christians themselves worship and adore isn’t known by his real name either, a fact lost on “God’s chosen”. Yeshua Bar Yosef wouldn’t recognise “Jesus” and certainly not “Jesus Christ”.  Then there’s “Paul”, real name Saul. Christianity’s use of false names is nothing new.

My proposal, therefore, is that from now on, whenever we write “Christians”, we add quotation marks to the term to reflect the hypocrisy of so many of them, as well as the vacuity of the belief system itself. This can be done even when speaking of “Christians”, by wiggling the fingers as the word is said. It can, and should, be extended to all of the other fallacious ideas within Christianity: “God”, “Jesus”, “God’s Word”, “The Kingdom of God”, “Holy Spirit”, “Heaven” and “faith”.

We needn’t worry about running out of quotation marks with which to do this; we can always use those that “Christians” have previously attached to same-sex marriage.

3 thoughts on ““Christian” Scare Quotes: A Response

  1. I’m inclined to use “scare quotes” around “scare quotes”, because I’ve never understood why they’re called that. Calling them “sarcasm quotes” or “‘so-called’ quotes” would make a lot more sense.

    Some good samples of how I use them:
    Many religions’ “morality” is pretty messed up.
    Surprisingly few people are aware of what a terrible person “Mother” Teresa was.
    “Creation science” and Christian Science” are two entirely different things, but neither has anything to do with actual science.

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    • Really, quotation marks are needed for anything that is believed without evidence to show how baseless the concept is. If there is evidence then belief isn’t necessary anyway.

      I guess they’re called ‘scare quotes’ because when Christians first started using them around same-sex ‘marriage’ it was both to disparage it and to panic the gullible into thinking it was so terrible Something Should Be Done About It.

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