What is the point?


There isn’t any point. At least, not ‘out there’ somewhere, waiting to be discovered. The point, purpose and meaning of life is what we make of it. We make our own purpose.

The Christians among us claim to have real purpose. Not like we sad non-believers whose purpose is to do with raising and supporting our family, being creative, doing things for others or whatever. No, Christians get their real purpose from God, or so they say. Perhaps some of them would be good enough to share it with us; is it rushing from one church meeting to another? Singing badly written hymns badly? Cosying up to one another? Telling others about the great salvation plan?

Apparently not, though they do seem to spend a lot of time doing these things. According to CARM the purpose of life ‘is to praise God, worship Him… proclaim His greatness, and… accomplish His will.’ Got Questions, on the other hand, says it’s to ‘1) glorify God and enjoy fellowship with Him, 2) have good relationships with others, 3) work, and 4) have dominion over the earth,’ while Open Bible claims it’s ‘to love and serve God in order to help bring about God’s glorious plan for creation.’

That’s it? The purpose faith supplies is this woolliness? It’s about doing stuff we already do (‘work’, ‘have good relationships with others’) and fawning over a needy, insecure deity? God help us if this is all it amounts to. Those who claim to know the secrets of eternal life and the mind of God himself should surely be able to come up with something better than the rest of us.

As I’ve written before, this isn’t what Jesus told his followers life was for. No, he said it was to work to bring about God’s kingdom on Earth (Matthew 6.33; 13.44, Luke 9.62 etc). Try as you might you’ll struggle to find a Christian site that says this is the point. That’s because Christians long ago – almost two thousand years ago – stopped believing that God’s kingdom was due to arrive here and switched their expectation to one of an after-life in heaven. But that’s not what the Bible promises, and it’s certainly not what Jesus said.

So maybe, Christians, you’re missing the point of your faith and your purpose in life; it’s to bring about the Kingdom of God on Earth (Matthew 6.10) – in the first century (Mark 9.1). No wonder you’re now so rudderless, so lacking in direction and real purpose. You missed the boat, which sank without you two millennia ago.

Now you have to construct your own meaning, just like the rest of us. Except ours is better, lacking as it does the faux Biblical language and all those fairy tale elements.




2 thoughts on “What is the point?

  1. Like all other creatures, the purpose of man is to fulfill his human nature.

    The Western Heritage, a 2500 year old treasure trove of wisdom, which includes Christianity, teaches men to fulfill their nature.

    Unfortunately, man is the only creature on Earth does not know how to fulfill his nature.

    We each need to learn how.

    Since the Western Heritage produced the most just, most prosperous, most technically advanced civilization in human history, it is the best place to learn about one’s own human nature.


    • This is one way to find purpose, Silence, but there are many others. Some may not even agree with your premise that ‘fulfilling his human nature’ is “man’s” raison d’etre. What exactly does this mean, in any case? Could it not be argued that the individual who resorts to violence and cruelty is ‘fulfilling’ something of his or her human nature? Yet it would be hard to acknowledge this as meaningful purpose.

      As you concede, we ‘each’ need to discover our own meaning. You find a part for Christianity to play in this, and certainly it has been a significant influence on Western culture, but others will not.


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