A word from the WITLESS


We of the Wishful Thinking League of silly sods sausages – WITLESS for short – would just like to say how jolly unfair we think it is that our local cinema won’t show our new advert. All we want to do is remind everyone going to see the latest Flash Gordon film that they have three wishes. Three wishes from the special genie no-one can see but who we know is there. And, what’s really exciting, they can use their three wishes however they like! We just wish the cinema would stop being so jolly difficult and let us show our advert about the genie and the magic wishes. 

Damn! That’s one wish gone! And the man at the cinema still won’t let us show the ad. We wish we knew why not. He just says he doesn’t show adverts made by cranks, which is a little unfair when we’ve been recognised as the official cranks in this country for a very long time. Some other spoil-sports take the vue, er… view, that if the cinema goes ahead and shows our advert then other, unofficial cranks will want their adverts shown too. We quite agree this would be a very bad thing. Nobody else’s genie is as real as ours and noboby else grants three wishes the way he does.

We just wish the man who runs the place would come to his senses and agree to show our advert. It’s not a lot to ask. We wish too that…

What? What d’you mean, we’ve had all our wishes? But none of them have come true! That’s so unfair. It jolly well is, you know. And it’s all that rotter from the cinema’s fault.

Please, genie, can we have three more wishes? Can we, please?

2 thoughts on “A word from the WITLESS

  1. Dave Clarke: The Ad Agency’s action has ensured a lot of free publicity, probably gained far more awareness than if just shown at the cinema. What was that about Romans 8:28?

    Neil Robinson: That’s great, Dave. Now if you could see your way to sending me the evidence that a) the free publicity led to more people taking up prayer and b) this made a scrap of difference to anything at all, I’ll add it to the blog post.


    • Dave Clarke: This is not an ‘instant feedback’ situation. As for evidence I am reminded of Herod’s song in Jesus Christ Superstar. ‘Prove to me that you’re no fool, walk across my swimming pool…’ Or again, to misquote, ‘what is evidence?’ Perhaps there is evidence all around you.

      Neil Robinson: I see, and yet ‘probable’ ‘instant feedback’ is what you suggest in your original comment. And who needs evidence when there’s the possibility of believing any old thing, which is what ‘faith’ amounts to.
      Dave, you are far too intelligent to go on believing mumbo-jumbo, even if you do support it with reference to the gospel according to Rice.


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