So it begins…

Jesus Lazes

A true story:

They didn’t see it coming. No-one did. It couldn’t have been predicted. He came into their lives unexpectedly one summer evening and none of them would ever be the same again.

He met Maddy first, then Andrew and soon after that the rest of the group. He was quiet, diffident even, but from the start his personality shone, his smile captivating them all. Some fell in love with him immediately, others later but either way, there was no escape. His zest for life was infectious, his gentle, thoughtful ways drew in all who encountered him. He didn’t demand change or presume to tell them how they should live, but his unaffected presence changed them all and added immeasurably to each of their lives.

And so the cult of Salvatore began, in the way that all cults begin, with a charismatic personality. When that individual seeks to manipulate and control others, particularly if he or she has Messianic aspirations, then before long an agenda emerges: unquestioning obedience; the belief that only this leader has the Truth; the demand that acolytes abandon family, friends and society for the cause; the proselytising to increase followers; the expectation that others acknowledge the leader’s power and glory; the rejection of those who fail to do so. This is how it was with Jesus, Muhammed, the Buddha, Joseph Smith, Mary Eddy Baker and so many others

The Salvatore cult won’t come to this; the man himself is neither controlling nor manipulative, though there are those who would do anything for him. Myself included.

7 thoughts on “So it begins…

    • I guess to some extent that’s possible – if not his literal shoes then to be inspired by all the fully realised people we meet in life. As long as we don’t start imagining they’ve walked on water or risen from the dead!

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  1. I was told and yet did not learn until I was in the US military, if you want to be popular be your self. Do not follow what others are doing just because. Do not pretend. If you have an idea or are different be that. I was surprised when I was such a young person and so much from an abused past, that when in the barracks I would say I am going to do… or see.. that often others would agree and accompany me. Some one has to be the one that says I am going to do.. so others can join in. Hugs


    • I think that applies to so much, Scottie. If you want to be happy, content, fulfilled and so on – be yourself. I don’t know why it takes so long to learn this life lesson, but it does. It took me a long time, anyway! Maybe that’s what Salvatore (not his real name of course; gotta spare his blushes if he ever reads this) has that’s so appealing – he’s just himself and is so at ease being so.

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    • Now imagine some guy, unconnected with the group that knows Salvatore and without any reliable records, decides forty years from now to write some stories about him. Just think how accurate and dependable they’d be!

      I’ve looked up Robert J. Linton – looks like plenty to read.


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