The Late Great Planet Earth

burning_earth1The scene yesterday as the Earth finally came to an end.


Today is an illusion. You are not really here. Yesterday, the world ended, destroyed with the fire predicted in 2 Peter 3. The Lord finally had enough and set fire to the Earth and obliterated it.

So how was it for you?

And here we are today, the day after it all ended. Doesn’t it seem remarkably like it was before the terrible events of yesterday?

As ever, God mispoke to his trusted servants who took the time to tell us of our impending doom.

Never mind. Let’s set another date. Oh wait – we already have. Plenty to choose from here. You can’t have too many ends-of-the-world, can you?



1 thought on “The Late Great Planet Earth

  1. Transferred from Facebook
    David Clarke: Sorry, still here but when I read 2 Peter 3 I couldn’t find any reference to 7 Oct 15. In fact, unless I have missed it, I can’t find any date given for the End of the World

    Try telling that to your brothers and sisters in the Lord, Dave; they it was who decided on 7th Oct (I did link to them in the blog post.) And, while loving your pedantry, I don’t say that 2 Peter 3 specifies a date; my reference is clearly to its claim that the Earth will be destroyed by fire. It won’t, of course, any more than Jesus returned within his disciples’ lifetime.


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