In the Wrong Body

prayer3What to do about those people who feel they don’t belong in the body they were born with? Those who disparage the vehicle that carries them through life? Should we ban them, shun them? Prevent them from using the same bathrooms – to use that ridiculous euphemism for places never known to include baths – as those of us who accept the body we’ve got? Should they be side-lined, castigated and ridiculed?

Well, no. Let’s go easy on Christians who believe they are somehow separate from the bodies that house them; who regard their bodies are inferior to the spiritual being God intends them to be. Christians who look forward to the day when they’ll be relieved of their physical bodies, which will then be transformed into spiritual ones, and who, in preparation for this miraculous change, claim to resist the demands of the body – the lusts of the flesh as the Bible puts it (1 John 2.16). Yes, those Christians, the same ones who disparage people who find themselves in the wrong bodies and want them to conform to the sex they know themselves to be; transgender people.

The Christians are wrong on every level of course:

  • They are not designed to be spiritual beings;
  • None of us is separate from our bodies;
  • The illusion of the self is a product of the brain and wider society, and we demonstrably do not have souls or spirits;
  • Bodies, while frail and susceptible to illness, injury and ageing, are all we’ve got; they don’t survive death and are not refurbished or replaced after it.
  • The demands of the body can be managed but not entirely ignored, not even by Christians who eat, drink, have sex, sleep, defecate and generally indulge their carnality in the same way the rest of us do.

Still, none of this prevents Christians from thinking they’re prisoners of a temporary yet  strangely inhospitable body while here on Earth. You’d think that would make them empathetic to people who are also in the wrong bodies, but you’d be wrong. They ridicule them and tell them that they’re sinful aberrations; they object to their use of the ‘bathroom’ that corresponds to the gender they know themselves to be.

What was it someone once said? ‘Let he who is without sin cast the first stone’. There sure seem to be a lot of sinless Christians about these days.

5 thoughts on “In the Wrong Body

  1. I always knew that some people of religious bent were unwilling to be accepting of people different from themselves, of people who insisted they were of a different gender, and or people who profess a different sexual stance. However this was an eye opener, as I did not realize how ridge their thinking was. Hugs


      • Wow, SOM and I have disagreed before, and he simply proves that his type refuse to look at the facts, and refuse to accept reality but simply want a myth because it is easier for them to accept the myth, accept everything is going to turn out just the way they want it because their deity says so, than to try thinking for themselves and trying to understand the real world. That is my opinion. Hugs and be well.


  2. Making it law for men to stay out of women’s rest room protects women and girls from sexual predators.

    If anyone doesn’t know which bathroom they belong in, all they need to do is pull their pants down and inspect their crotch.

    If it’s rod and balls, go to the men’s rest room. Otherwise, go to the women’s rest room.

    A DNA test will also provide proof positive of which bathroom is appropriate.

    Gender is genetic. It is not a matter of feelings or confusion or sexual preference.


  3. Well, you’re certainly the expert; I guess being a Catholic you would be. Are you seriously suggesting people should have a DNA test before they can use the toilet?

    Let’s take a look at the evidence. Oh my, yes, it’s not transgender people who are likely to be ‘sexual predators’, it’s Catholic priests! Who’d have thought it.

    Christians too claim to be in the wrong body – one that is non-spiritual, corruptible, inferior and full of ‘lusts’. They are in denial about being genetically-determined, corporeal entities and think that one day they will be given the right body; a super-spiritual one according to Paul. So who is the more deluded – the Christian or the transgender person?

    I propose Christian/Catholics be banned from anything that entails the use of their despised bodies – from rest rooms to restaurants to gyms to sports to sex, thus solving the problem for everyone.


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