Where was God?


While they were communing with God, gunman Dylann Roof sat among them for forty-five minutes. Then he opened fire and killed nine of them. That’s forty-five minutes during which time God could have warned the Christians who believed he was listening to them that something terrible was about to happen. But he didn’t. The communication was all one way. They talked to him but he didn’t talk to them. He didn’t even listen. Why not? Because either he doesn’t care what happens to his people, despite what Jesus promised, or he isn’t there.

After the massacre, Christians across America resorted to pleading with this negligent God to comfort the bereaved and to help police find the killer. We can be sure God didn’t do any such thing because if he cared at all, he wouldn’t have let the massacre happen in the first place. 

Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee declared that if only some of those at the prayer meeting had been ‘pistol-packing’ themselves, they could have taken out Roof before he did too much damage. And he’s right – absurd as it sounds, one of them could have done. So why didn’t the God who never forsakes his people prompt one of them to take a gun to church? Perhaps because, unreasonably, he thinks it’s better to turn the other cheek. Either way, mark God down for another fail.

Fellow crank, the ‘reverend’ E. W. Jackson, blamed the shootings on liberals, gays and Obama. So, God – pissed with those who don’t support ‘Christian values’ –  allowed a gunman to mow down nine of his own. Makes sense.   

Debbie Dills, meanwhile, spotted the killer’s car on the freeway and informed the police. She later claimed this was God’s doing; the very God incapable of warning his loved ones they were about to be murdered. This God, who allowed his people to be massacred, directed Debbie Mills, who cannot see that she was just happened to be in the right place at the right time, to notice the killer’s vehicle and report his whereabouts.

Let’s get real: a God who can’t prevent the murder of nine of his children but then behaves like a third-rate Jessica Fletcher is no God at all. He is an impotent creation, a being of trivial pursuits, who fails to materialise when he’s really needed; a mythical figure who keeps his super-powers to himself, except in the most insignificant and coincidental of occurrences; a figment of believers’ imaginations.

Show us he’s not, Christians, why don’t you. Show us how he loves you, never forsakes you and protects even the hairs on your heads. Where is he? Where’s the evidence he exists, outside your inconsistent, fallacious scriptures and your own wishful thinking? Where in this real world? The people of Charleston really need to know.

7 thoughts on “Where was God?

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  2. From HiwayChristian:

    I could not post this comment on your site. But I will not let what you said go unanswered.

    You ask questions. I will ask you a question. Where are those who died?

    You speak with the mind of a man. What do you know about the power or the mind of God?

    Should God be all excited because a few bodies we’re reaped from the vineyard of mankind? You do not consider, and you make no mention, that over a hundred thousand people die every day from various difficulties.

    Where is the volume of souls? Who owned them while they lived? Who owns them now where they are? Who owns you, and will exact your prompt presence when the time is right?

    By His Grace


    • ‘I speak with the mind of a man.’ Indeed I do. That’s what I am, what I’ve got and what I use. You suggest there’s something else – the mind of God – but there isn’t. The human mind is the only mind there is and it is that that invented God.

      ‘Where are those who died?’ Not Heaven that’s for sure. As I’ve covered before we don’t survive death and even if we did the Bible does not promise Heaven afterwards.

      ‘Should God be all excited because a few bodies we’re reaped from the vineyard of mankind?’ This question, wrapped in meaningless florid imagery, actually makes no sense. However, I don’t say God should be ‘excited’. I suggest he might keep his promises to look after his chosen, as Jesus said he would.

      You’re right, I don’t consider the thousands who die each day. My post was about those Christians God allowed to be slaughtered this week in Charleston.

      ‘Where is the volume of souls? Who owned them while they lived? Who owns them now where they are? Who owns you, and will exact your prompt presence when the time is right?’ We don’t possess ‘souls’ and we don’t survive death therefore these questions are meaningless.

      You have been infected with the God virus, Hiway. It causes you to believe in an invisible, silent deity whose motivations and actions have to be guessed at. It makes you think we have ‘souls’ and that there’s eternal life. There is no evidence for any of these things. I hope you find a cure soon.


      • I will certainly find a cure. Its called death. And you will find a cure for your unbelief. It will come bundled in the same remedy. ‘Hiway Christian.’

        This is true, insofar as death is the end and cessation of everything. Seek a cure before it arrives and live this, your one and only life, free from an unhealthy obsession with a religion of death. NR


  3. Or maybe someone prayed in great faith and earnest that the confederate flag would be removed from e-bay and Wal-Mart and God answered so graciously? Oh the wonders beyond our imaginations!


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