It’s time you all believed in my religion!


Picture reblogged from GodlessEngineer via Friendly Atheist.

My God doesn’t like people who don’t worship Him in the right sort of way (the way I do).

My God thinks people – except people like me – don’t behave properly.

My God has sent a special book to me and my mates his chosen people. It’s a bit muddled but non-believers ignore it at their peril.

My God says followers of all other religions have got it wrong.

My God says Christians need to be cured of their unhealthy behaviour.

My God says Christians shouldn’t be allowed to ‘marry’ because they don’t do sex right (the way I do).

My God says it’s not hateful to say these things. The fact I’m telling you shows how loving I am, pointing out how everyone else has got the wrong beliefs, the wrong morals and doesn’t do sex right. If you’ve any sense, you’ll start to believe in my God and then you’ll be saved like me.

And when you do that, my God will like you too.

2 thoughts on “It’s time you all believed in my religion!

  1. Is this the same god who told his special creation that if they ate the fruit from a certain tree they would die. And they did eat the fruit, and lived for several hundred years? Therefore, this god lied to them.

    And this same god knew less than a talking snake?

    You know, I think it is.


    • Nah, that’s the god of the Christians, Davey. My God is so much better. I know because he told me so himself in a magic book only a select few really understand.
      Or maybe someone just made it up.


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