Christians Against Ms Marvel

Image: Marvel Comics

In the new Disney+ weekly series, Ms Marvel has been cast as an Asian Muslim who is possibly gay. My god! What is the world coming to? A comic book character (yes, comic book character. Not the president or the head of the church. A comic book character) is Asian, Muslim and perhaps gay. So what?

According to a group of infantile Christians, it’s a very, very big deal. They’ve created a private Facebook page (or rather changed an existing one) so they can tantrum about Disney’s ‘woke’ agenda. I don’t know if they’ve watched the show, though it seems unlikely. Ms Marvel is pitched at a younger audience than, say, WandaVision or Moonknight. It is light and breezy, touching on the very racism these Christians typify.

But let me address some of their objections:

The show, they say, represents ‘the biggest slap in the face for conservative Christians to date.’ An unfortunate metaphor when their Lord and Savior™ tells them exactly what to do when ‘slapped in the face’. According to Matthew 5.39 they should start a whiny Facebook page to protest against the perceived sleight. Oh wait, no, that’s not it. They should, he said, ‘turn the other cheek’ for a second slapping. Wouldn’t it be a marvel (pun intended) if once in a while Christians did what Jesus commanded them to do?

There’s more: Disney is ‘pushing’ to make ‘Kamala Khan the face of the franchise over Carol Danvers.’ (the original comic book Ms Marvel.) Captain Marvel and Ms Marvel have a complicated history. In the comic books, Carol Danvers became a non superpowered Captain Marvel back in 1968. Monica Rameau, a black American, took over in 1978, and in 2013, long before the onset of wokeism, Kamala Khan, the Ms Marvel of the Disney+ series, made her debut. Carol Danvers, now with powers, appeared in her own movie in 2019. She’ll return, with Kamala Khan, next year. I feel sure God, America and Christian ‘culture’ will cope with this onslaught of merry Marvel mayhem. These Christians’ objections to Kamala Khan betray only their own bigotry.

They whinge that there’ll be ‘no more straight Christian characters from Marvel,’ failing to realise there never have been any ‘Christian’ characters. Marvel comics has never been about peddling Christianity, thank Christ. As for ‘no more’ straight characters, they must mean apart from all the major figures in the MCU and most of the minor ones too. 98% of Marvel (and DC) characters are straight. Or as straight as cartoon characters can be.

What really irritates me about this though, is Christian priorities. This is what the Holy Spirit is prompting God’s holy ones to campaign about? This is what’s important? Again, according to their supposed Savior. He seemed to think that what was important was boring stuff like feeding the hungry, helping the homeless and loving enemies. Not wasting time moaning about a film company choosing characters and casting actors that privileged Christians don’t like because they’re different from them.

Jesus wouldn’t recognise this sort of embarrassing expression of faith. Lucky for today’s low-calibre Christians then that he doesn’t exist.


6 thoughts on “Christians Against Ms Marvel

  1. Haven’t you figured it out by now, Neil? Jesus and his ways are just too borrring for today’s believers. They need to focus on more “relevant” things … like comic book characters.

    But then again … maybe there’s some dichotomy in all this after all.

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    • Good point, Nan. Christians are the very LEAST Christ-like people on Earth. Jesus never mentioned anything outside of his own religious group; the Jews of his era. He thought preaching to gentiles was a waste of time not worthy of him. PAUL decided to bring gentiles into the fold but Jesus himself stuck exclusively to his own people.

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  2. And herein lies my single greatest issue with the Mindless Mythologists and their single greatest threat to society at large: It is not enough for THEM to abide these “rules” on their own, they NEED to make EVERYONE abides their rules! This goes for everything they consider “sinful”, anti-Christian, etc., abortion, whatever. We ALL have to do what they want or it’ll mean the fall of Western Civilization! Consider we’ve been listening to their nonsense for 2,000 years and so far so good but, alas they just keep ‘em coming! This is why we need to be ever vigilante against their imposition on our rights, society, etc.

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    • I agree wholeheartedly with your last sentence … especially now that the Supreme Court, along with the idiots in certain states, are doing just that!


  3. Some do want to make you to abide by the rules God has given us. We know them to be very good, and we desire to have our society enjoy that goodness. But those who are wise know that cannot be forced upon unwilling people. So we invite you to step into the blessing of life as God designed it rather than forcing you against your will.

    But we do think it will mean the fall of western civilization if we who are western civilization do not change and follow God’s design. That grieves Christians who are wise. We have no desire to see society crumble around us, as every civilization before us that has chosen to figure it out for themselves has experienced.


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